EDMS 464
Teaching Reading and Language Arts to Older Students and Struggling Readers
Profs. Rhianna Casesa and MaryAnn Nickel
Fall 2016

Student teachers refined and extended their knowledge of arts teaching/learning processes by visiting the University Art Gallery’s “Cries & Whispers” exhibition, featuring work by John Yoyogi Fortes and Cate White relating to the “outsider art” movement.  Arts Integration worked with the Gallery to create a short guided video tour of the exhibition to prepare EDMS 463 students for viewing it in person.  .

Prof. Cinzia Forasiepi
Education: Multiple Subject 411:  Teaching Second Language Learners
Spring 2016

Using a module from the Arts Integration FLC, Prof. Forasiepi led 12 students working in Ives 80 dance studio through movement and sketching exercises in response to the song “The Last Midnight” from Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim &  James Lapine, which performed at SSU in Spring 2016.  Students used the musicals themes of disasters and miracles in everyday life to model moment-to-moment classroom strategies for their own field, teaching English to second language learners.

“Learning art techniques...  inspired me to use them in my own course and adapt them for my learning goals.” – Prof. Cinzia Forasiepi


SCI 120: A Watershed Year
Profs. Jacklyn Guildford, Jeremy Qualls, Nathan Rank, Martha Schott, Wendy St. John
Spring 2017

This year-long integrated transition course for first-time freshmen immerses students in real-world issues of environmental sustainability through hands-on work and outdoor field experiences focusing on Sonoma County's watershed. The University Art Gallery Department hosted SCI 120 students for the BFA Exhibition of work by graduating Arts majors.  SCI 120 students had the chance to speak with a panel of three BFA student artists featured in the exhibition: Carley Herrera, Shannon Edwards, and Mindy Kral.  SCI 120 learned how the artistic process parallels the scientific process, and explored how artists take an idea from inception to completion.

“I would very much like to see this excursion become a regular part of the Science 120 course.” - Prof. Martha Schott
SCI 120 pic 1.jpg
SCI 120 pic 2.jpg

Prof. Dave Kung from St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Math Festival Colloqium
April 2015

Prof. Kung orchestrated his talk and performance “Harmonious Equations: A Mathematical Exploration of Music” with SSU’s musicians in residence Saeunn Thorsteinsdottir (cello) and Elizabeth Roe (piano).  Prof. Kung’s talk ranged from the mathematics of vibrating strings, columns of air, and tides to symmetry, resonance, and group theory, linking them all to live performance of Beethoven’s Ghost Trio and Bach’s fugues.



BUS 319:  Introduction to MIS (Management Information Systems)
Prof. Sandra Newton
Spring 2017

BUS 319 students visited the Juried Student Exhibition at the University Art Gallery.  Drawing from the embodied experience of viewing numerous pieces of art in multiple spaces in the gallery, students made a “Mind Map” to organize information about the pieces into data system, relating the gallery experience to database design.

“Overall, I really enjoyed this assignment and was glad I got a chance to visit the exhibition.” – BUS 319 student online post

BUS 491:  Strategic Management
Prof. Mona Sabuco
Spring 2016

Business majors attended rehearsal and performance for HERE: A US-Korean Dance & Live Music Exchange in Person Theater. This original dance work, spearheaded by choreographer and Prof. Christine Cali, fused traditional Korean dance, contemporary American dance and Indie-Rock music, with student and professional dancers and musicians working side-by-side.  BUS 491 students wrote memos to Prof. Sabuco based on this experience, performing internal scans of the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance to assess organizational strengths and weaknesses.

Our analysis of the Theater Program as a business was an insightful and valuable experience… Conducting an internal scan of the theater as a business allowed me to expand my ability to recognize organizational strengths and weaknesses and identify resources and company structure…  An ability to conduct an internal scan of my organization will be a critical managing tool to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. – Dan Virkstis, BUS 491 student


CCJS 420 – Seminar in Criminology
Prof. Emily Vieira Asencio
Spring 2017

CCJS 420 students attended the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance’s production of The Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Emanuel Shikaneder to study the dynamics of moral choice-making and community breakdown.  Following a preview visit with stage director Amanda McTigue and Music Director Dr. Lynne Morrow, students prepared for seeing the opera by analyzing the morality of the opera’s hero, Tamino.

Magic Flute pic.jpg


English 582:  Seminar in American Literature – Dangerous Women
Prof. Anne Goldman
Spring 2016

12 students from this graduate seminar on American literature and feminism attended a performance by cabaret/jazz vocalist Paula West at Schroeder Hall, then met with Ms. West afterwards to discuss her work and career.  Prof. Goldman followed this with a written assignment inviting students to compare the themes of the course to those of Ms. West’s performance.

“A really great evening…” – Prof. Anne Goldman